The Daddy Tag Interrogation!

So, a little birdie told me about this here… Daddy Tag, I though it could be fun to spark the mind, and well, the necrotic activity of my own little den of a blog. Quite the bunch of questions, but seems like a fun idea.

This’ll be under the #TheDaddyTag at Twitter. Questions made by, FrenchieMummy!

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Monday Movies: *Batteries Not Included

After I became a parent, I have come to the realization that we all need a little time aside to recharge ourselves. That isn’t anything to be embarrassed of, it’s a method you develop over time, I guess.

For me, I have taken evenings after the day was over, to sit down and watch some older movies, or anime (Japanese ‘cartoons’). Lately I have been thinking about what we, as the young, or even as kids, might have watched – might have liked even. What movies of the ‘old’ days might have been our ‘go-to’ movies?

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The throw of dice, keyboard and controllers!

Gaming, a tool in life that I have embraced with great love and care. This has not only been for entertainment but also learning (Take that, old teachers)! I don’t have many game styles as preference, I tend to enjoy most, though if I excel at them or not… That is a different thing. I might have massive fun, but maybe frustrate others in the long run.

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Morning Rituals (Short)

We travel from far distances to inhabit a man’s mind for a few moments at the cafe. This is not a personal picturing but sharing impressions and perspectives of what I could imagine. This took 20 minutes to write. Would love a comment or give a few ideas, thank you very much.

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A parent introduction, a nerds concoction

Alrighty, I have been tempted to create a blog for quite a while, even before the upgrade to life in the form of a wonderful partner, and a child. It has just always been a little difficult for me to share out and get the words straight on the screen, I can’t just go rambling in some 3rd dimension language that none except the fewest would understand, can I?

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